Test & Evaluation Solutions, LLC

M&S Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A)

T&E Solutions personnel have performed M&S verification, validation, and accreditation (VV&A) tasking in support of several Navy Programs. We have led and/or participated in the development of VV&A documentation for the following models and simulations:

  • Advanced Survivability Assessment Program (ASAP)
  • AEGIS Weapon System Models Network, including:
    • Anti-Air Warfare Simulation (AAWSim)
    • AN/SPY-1 Firm Track Simulation (FirmTrack)
    • STANDARD Missile-2 (SM-2) Six-Degree-of-Freedom (6-DOF) Simulation
    • TIMFUZ
    • Tropospheric Electromagnetic Parabolic Equation Routine (TEMPER)
    • Warhead Hit
    • Battle Damage Estimator (BDE)
  • C-Based Routines for Understanding the Interaction between Ships, EW and Missiles (CRUISE_Missiles)
  • Fire and Smoke Simulator (FSSIM)
  • Flooding Model Advanced Stability Algorithms (FLMASA)
  • Integrated Recoverability Model (IRM)
  • Naval Mine Warfare Simulation (NMWS)
  • Radar Target Signature (RTS) Model
  • Ship Vulnerability Model (SVM)
  • ShipIR/Naval Threat Countermeasure Simulator (ShipIR)
  • SIM II Naval Engagement Model
  • Technology Requirements Model (TRM)
  • Total Mine Simulation System (TMSS)

Verification is the process of determining if Models & Simulations accurately represent the developer's conceptual description and specifications and meets the needs stated in the requirements document.

Validation is the process of determining the extent to which Models & Simulations adequately represents the real-world from the perspective of its intended use. This process ranges from single modules to the entire system.

Accreditation is an official determination that a Model or Simulation is acceptable for its intended purpose.