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Critical Infrastructure Protection

The Department of Homeland Security National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) provides a risk management framework for protecting the critical infrastructure and key resources (CI/KR) of the United States. This includes actions to deter the threat, mitigating vulnerabilities, and minimizing consequences associated with terrorist attacks or other incidents.

NIPP Executive Summary, Figure S-1: Protection

NIPP Executive Summary, Figure S-1: Protection - Diagram

Our survivability analysis experience, established analysis processes, and simulation capability used in support of the U.S. Navy, is fully capable of supporting the NIPP risk management process. We have the capability to model complex interdependent systems comprising a single facility, a city, region, or a network of facilities that provide critical services such as drinking water, power generation and distribution, chemical facilities, oil refining, etc. Large numbers of simulations of both natural disasters and terrorist attacks can be run and the results rapidly analyzed to identify system vulnerabilities. This information can be used to develop risk mitigation strategies that provide the best return on investment.